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The Vastu takes the meaning of “the site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house”.

The underlying root is vas “to dwell, live, stay, reside”.

The term shastra may loosely be translated as “plan, teaching”.

Our nature is an abundant with powerhouses of energy sources like the sun, wind, moon, water, earth and fire. The effect of sunrays, flow of winds, pull of earth’s magnetic fields and other such cosmic energies influence our lives in unfathomable ways.

We can make the most of nature’s gifts and live a life replete with wealth, health, and success by learning to balance its five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) around us. Vastu Shastra, an ancient science propounds such theories based on directions, architecture, astronomy, and even astrology! Stay with us, as we acquaint you with a few of its basic principles

Key elements of Vastu In Radhe / Cloudwood Homes:

  • Positive Energy
  • Ancient Indian Science
  • Happy Idle Home
  • Beautiful Home
  • Better life & prosperity

Positive Energy

We care about bringing the positive energy, here are our focused ways to bring more positive energy into the home

  1. Focus on Natural Sunlight: Natural sunlight stimulates the production of Vitamin D, which upraises mood and makes people healthier. We focus on ample ventilation and clear windows, which let natural light into the room and help make room brighter and positive
  2. Incorporate House Plants: Improves air quality and beautify the space
  3. Open Windows: Stimulating a stuffy room by allowing fresh, clean air to enter the space, opening windows also allows residents to hear outdoor sounds such as birdsong, rainstorms, distant thunders.
  4. Artwork: Hanging meaningful artwork provides a constant reminder of love, light and happiness and can immediately make a room feel more positive
  5. Pay Attention to Lighting: The simple act of turning on lamps and overhead lights at the appropriate times of day can instantly help a room feel brighter and cleaner, which can help residents feel more awake, more lively and more positive

Ancient Indian Science

We rigorously follow Indian ancient science of vastu  for Luxury Apartments construction for a better living habit. Following are few

  1. Local and natural materials: Traditional architecture Luxury Apartments employs locally sourced natural materials as they are easily available, economical and climatically more suitable. We prefer to use red/mud bricks in our constructions.
  2. Jaalies (Matrix screens) : Will help hot climate of India. Jaalies have been widely used in traditional architecture for ventilation, diffused light, shade and privacy
  3. Verandah (Sit out Galleries): Traditional homes usually have verandah at the entrance to receive guests. These provide shade and keep out the hot sun and rain.
  4. Arches: Arches lend a lovely charm due to their soft curves that provide a welcome change from the straight lines and right angles
  5. Sloping roofs: sloping roofs help to drain in heavy rain area and added to the aesthetic appeal of the home

Happy Idle Home

Vastu offers specific rules through which residents will be able to tackle various issues and lead a happy life

  1. Courtyard: The courtyard is known as brahmasthan and is center of house, which radiates ultimate energy. It is the only best place to build main hall as per Indian vastu
  2. Kitchen: Lod of fire – Gives best results in southeast direction
  3. Bedroom: South-west is preferred direction as it attracts good health and prosperity.
  4. Living room: Should face east or north-east direction for good ventilation

Beautiful Home

As per Indian Vastu, any direction that a home faces—East, West, North or South—is considered good, because each of them has its own advantages

  1. The position of the kitchen, the heart of a home, directly impacts the health and wealth of a family
  2. whereas the interiors of a bedroom impact the health, career and personal life of the people who inhabit it.
  3. The position of the puja room impacts prosperity and peace in the house
  4. The way furniture is placed in a space can affect the energy balance
  5. Correct placement of water storage is essential for maintaining good health and hygiene

Better life & Prosperity: Pay special attention to below points

  1. It is important that your head should face towards the East or South direction while sleeping.
  2. Keeping the head towards the East direction increases knowledge and when your head is faced towards the South direction then it increases the age.
  3. Plant the Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant in your home.
  4. Always plant Tulsi in the East or North direction. Planting the Tulsi plant in the Luxury Apartments is considered to be auspicious
  5. Immediately discard any broken furniture, utensil, glass or any other item from the house as broken objects and things invite negative energy.